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Why MS SQL ?

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There are many approaches to using a database in an internet application. Consencis standardization provides the best stability and security. The best requires that all updates to the database be made using parameterized stored procedures. Stored procedures offer the best performance and security for your applications. Parameterized input offers protection against common injection techniques used by attackers. 

When all access is via stored procedure the application can be distributed with user ids only capable of executing procedures. This might not seem important, but it is critical. It closes off a common attack vector that too many apps leave open.

Performance comes from careful design. Third normal form is the industry standard for OLTP. ConsenCIS agrees that a properly normalized database offers the best combination of flexibility and performance. Sometimes it is hard to believe that all those narrow tables really offer the best performance but when you understand a little more about database software architecture it starts to make sense.

Database Views make it easy to resolve some of the application issues raised by normalization. Views make it easy to implement certain effectivity schemes at the table level. We like to perform all of our database reads against a view rather than the underlying table.

Abstraction in the design improves application flexibility. Reusable abstract design patterns speed development. Using reusable analysis patterns assures that common business situations are fully considered in the design. Patterns drive the primary objects and relationships defined in the ConsenCIS database. Primary objects conform to certain standards. For example, primary objects (items, parties, etc) are each members of a type which governs how they are processed. Objects are each effective dated and are not deleted in normal transaction processing, just expired. Hard deletes are reserved for administrative processes to recover unused storage. Relationships among primary objects similarly conform to a set of design standards. History can be recovered to a point in time. This should give you some insight into the details we've considered and mastered so you never have to give them a thought.

Database administration is another ConsenCIS strength. We'll define a backup and recovery plan that works for your business.