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Enterprise Applications

SCM, ERP, CRM, HRS, POS is this just alphabet soup, or do you recognize the major applications that drive modern business processes? If you are installing a major upgrade to your systems, you'll need careful, experienced thought to avoid the most common pitfalls. We'll evaluate these and more to help you determine if the benefits you expect will actually materialize.
  • Most businesses underestimate the amount of work the old system is doing. A careful analysis of the existing system is a necessary starting point. If there are written regulations that govern the processes, this is the ideal time to get copies and read them.
  • Understanding your business processes and how they are affected by the system is a given. Accurate process maps showing the current and proposed processes will drive the implementation in the right direction.
  • Data conversion takes the old to the new. You need to make sure that your mappings make sense and the exceptions are handled properly.
  • Interfaces connect the new system to your other information systems. Too much replicated data for different systems suggests deeper problems with your overall systems architecture.
  • Change Management prepares your business for the new system. Stakeholders need to be informed and oriented. Processes may need to be adjusted.
  • Selection of a new information system needs to consider these points as just as thoroughly as you consider the features, hardware and support
  • Implementation is often made more difficult than it needs to be. Training, testing, conversion and cut over aren't the only factors to consider. Human nature will play a big role in the first year of operations.
  • Risks are often more manageable if anticipated. First you need to smoke them out, then you need to rank them by impact and probability. Only a few risks will actually be worth taking precautionary actions.

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