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Site Administration

The Consencis Site Administration System allows you to keep your website up to date:
  • edit the pages, images and database objects that make up the website
  • communicate with members and prospective members,
  • publish your newsletter and other communiques,
  • publicize and manage events,
  • manage membership,
  • record service and merchandise sales both at the point-of-sale and via the internet,
  • produce statements for billing
  • and interface to your accounting system (via a custom add-on).

To gain access to the administrative features of the system the system administrator must have granted you an elevated privilege level and you must sign in. The site will recognize who you are and welcome you like any member, but it will not grant your administrative privileges until you sign in. The site will automatically sign you out after 20 minutes of inactivity requiring you to sign back in to resume your adminstrative tasks. The footer on each page contains a privlege indicator just above the logo image.