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Search Engine Optimization

You'll need this if you want others to find your site.

  • Pay per click is expensive but could be the most effective strategy for your site.
    • If you are selling products that others are selling online as well
    • If you are in a hurry to generate results
  • A carefully crafted site can generate hits for free.
    • There are pitfalls.
      • Search engines can ban your site if you are caught engaging in deception.
      • Google is famous for its algorithms and for making changes that undermine the best laid plans.
    • Doorway pages, link farms, HTML tags for emphasis, site maps to aid crawlers, spiders and other bots in searching your site are all strategies that have a place in your effort to make your site visible to the world.
  • You'll also want to secure parts of your site from the spiders and bots.

It is a fast changing world. You'll need help keeping up.