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Attackers want to deface your website. They want to hack it just because it is there. If you deal in money, vital infrastructure, or controversial services you know you are a target. If your site is modest or you just have high speed “always on” internet at home you can also be targeted by script kiddies with more software than brains, or you can be used as a pawn by a more sophisticated attacker.

Web applications offer a variety of new openings to attackers. Common web application attacks include:
  1. HTML and SQL injection
  2. Cross Site Scripting 
  3. Session hijacking, impersonation, and replay attacks
  4. Dictionary attacks against your passwords
  5. Stolen databases compromising passwords and credit cards
  6. Denial of Service and Distributed Denial of Service attacks
  7. Operating system, stack overflow, virus and email attacks.

Defending your applications requires a consistent, comprehensive strategy. This is an important example of how ConsenCIS has worked out the details so you can have peace of mind. The following security strategies are embodied in all ConsenCIS applications.

Database Security
Eliminate Default Accounts
Encourage good practices
Protect Sessions