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Scheduling system. A flexible scheduling system allows multiple resources to be scheduled to participate in multiple events over an indefinite time period. Once an event is scheduled multiple parties can be assigned to the event, sent email notifications, an event ticket printed and the event results recorded upon completion. Calendar displays help in scheduling. A master schedule display can be produced to visualize resource consumption over time. Events are independent. Precedence relationships are not currently included in this capability (but may be in a future release).

This feature isuseful  for meetings, conventions, and events which require registration and payment. It is useful in equipment or facility rental reservations with ahnad without crews. It is also useful for any type of crew reservations and scheduling such as installation, construction or maintenance crews.

Events can be scheduled in advance like a season of athletic events or scheduled over time as they are requested.

Scheduling starts by identifying a group of items as "schedulable" or "reservable." If you then define a unit of scheduling in a price, you will be able to make reservations for these items. Reservations are tracked from requested, to scheduled, to staffed, to completed, and finally to archived status.

A master schedule for all the items in the group is available to help iron out resource allocation problems.

Review the group-event topic in the Help Topics menu to gain a deeper understanding of the extraordinary group managment features included in the ConsenCIS Portal.