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Statement Billing

Do your customers need to know their balances? What if they could see up to the minute billing online? What if they could review past statements and see current charges before they are even committed to a statement? What if they could pay their bills online?

ConsenCIS statement billing revolves around its innovative contract management system. Define contract terms with our rules based builder. Build your billing plans from the defined terms using our advanced contract manager. Then let the system to create billing statements that you can edit if necessary. Equity, dues, assessments, minimum spending, mixed time frames, on site purchases using POS, even webstore purchases can all be billed though club accounts.

Present your billing statments online. Collect payments via check, cash, credit cards, debit cards and e-checks. Send the statements to your accounting system via an optional interface.

Statement billing is an option in the ConsenCIS Portal. Statement billing works best when POS is also implemented. When both are implemented, customers can see their current balance at any time. Balances are updated through POS at company facilities as charges are incurred. Rents, dues, fees and assessments are posted periodically according to billing rules.