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Members Only

Authorized members have access to private features.

Contact lists, internal organizations, newsletters, calendars, advanced event planners and billing information provide the content that helps your members get the most out of your club.

You can manage the information centrally or distribute the work load to the staff in each of your club's departments.

It is great to have your membership information online. The ability to send an email message to the entire membership, a group or standing organization or any selected subset is an incredible benefit to members and management alike. The searchable membership list displays phone numbers and email addresses. Send a single email, just a few or select "All" to communicate with the entire membership. Weekly email messages from club management are one of the most effective tools available to keep your community thriving.

Members can update their own contact information from their home or work computers. The searchable membership list includes four phone numbers, two email email addresses, and a physical address for each member. Related parties allows members to add eligible family members as they see fit. Each related party can have their own contact information. A privacy option is available. The database becomes a great resource for members at work or on the road or whose last membership directory is out of sight. Members can even print their own directories directly from the site.

Access to member information is secured by password and ID. Central management controls which ID's are recognized as members and private information is never available outside the membership.